Widespan tunnels

Agro-Sur’s widespan plastic tunnels are all-purpose facilities intended mainly for nursery production. Often they are not heated in winter, and therefore are frequently used for early spring crops. Besides, they are covered with a single layer of plastic. Their main advantage is a large volume and a lack of transport barriers such as pillars inside the building, allowing for the entire surface of the facility to be freely exploited.

Robust structure assembled from galvanized steel for total protection against corrosion. the width of the aisle (A): 12.0 m, 18.0 m. Spacing of arches(B): every 2.00 m. The length of the facility is a multiple of the length of 2.00 m Overall height of the facility (C): the height is constant for a given length and amounts to 6.00 m or 7.30 m.

Structural Elements:

the outer and inner arch made of galvanized steel pipes Ø 60.3 mm,
diagonals between the inner and outer arch-Ø 35 mm pipe,
wind braces between the bays – Ø 35 mm pipe.

Spot footing for each support.
Embedding of supports in the holes of Ø 400 mm diameter and a depth of 900 mm filled with C16/20 concrete on sand bed.

Covering can be made of PVC panels, single layer of plastic with anti-condensation properties and resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

The parameters of Agro-Sur polytunnels:

-width of the aisle: 12 m; 18 m;
-distance between pillars: 2 m/2.5 m;
-ventilation: upper, along the length of the roof, or side roll up;
-plastic mounted at the bottom with a clip.

Advantages of widespan polytunnels:

-ideal for overwintering high nursery material
-offers excellent conditions for growing, due to its huge volume
-ideally adapted to Polish climatic conditions during the cold production
-no need to heat the facility during the snowfall
-possibility to adapt any technology to equip a production facility
-with a choice of cover (plastic, tarpaulin, polycarbonate) the facility is suitable for both production and storage
-the absence of internal structural elements creates unlimited possibilities for planning logistics

-perfect climate throughout the year due to the use of automatic control systems for devices used in the greenhouse;
-lower construction cost in comparison to that of building a glass greenhouse;
-rapid installation and coverage with foil or PVC panels;
-good penetration of natural light;
-durability and versatility of use.

The projects of all tunnels are implemented in accordance with European standards and regulations related to steel structures, recommended by the European Union.

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