Sur-Aquatic™ Indoor Sprinkler boom

Agrosur manufactures sprinkling equipment for greenhouse cultivation with the CE safety mark. The device consists of a cart, which is moving along a system of suspended rails, equipped with a spray boom with two types of nozzles. The device is operated by means of a controller using the software specially developed by Agro-Sur, based on the company’s long-term experience and the specificity of the Polish market. The user enters the control variables using a color touch LCD interface. The device is protected by non-contact magnetic limit switches and photoelectric barriers that check the area in front of the boom during its movement.

Malfunctions are indicated by LED sensors. The controller allows you to divide the cultivation area into 10 independent zones. Programming smooth crossing speed. Selection of options: fertilization – watering. Selection of the left side of the boom, the right one or both. Selection of small or large nozzles. Manual start mode. Start one cycle. Start loop mode. Start on the basis of day/week timer, external start (eg. from the climatic computer). In automatic start mode, when the required temperature is exceeded, the fertilizer is replaced with water. The device has a speed dial button. Agro-Sur offers indoor spray booms for precise watering, fostering therefore water efficiency.

Basic data:
-length: up to 110 m; width: up to 12 m;
-powerful drive system with the speed of 1.0-22 m/min;
-a complete set of drive rails, handles, hoses and power cables, including brackets for fixing rails to the structure of the facility.

Sprinkler Nozzles:
-made of high quality stainless steel;
-the outlet slot is equipped with a flange seal protecting the nozzle against mechanical damage.
-mounted on the boom in two parallel rows at a distance of 50 cm from one another (first row: irrigation, second row: spraying);
-edge nozzles on the edges of the irrigation system, allowing very accurate spraying

Nozzle Parameters:
-operating pressure range from 2 to 5 bar;
-liquid spray angle 120 degrees;
-liquid flow rate from 1.61 to 2.6 l/min.

Proportional dispenser

Connected to the water supply, Dosatron is installed mounted on the boom, and its only driving force is the water pressure. Under its influence, the mechanism draws in the concentrated formula, dispenses a determined dose, and subsequently the formulation is mixed with water. The dose of the injected formulation is always proportional to the amount of water flowing through Dosatron, regardless of variations in flow or pressure in the supply network.

Dispenser parameters:
-external adjustment from 0.2% to 2.0%;
-the pressure from 0.3 to 6 bar;
-the dosage from 1 l/h to 160 l/h.

Tray for the tank with fertilizer/treatement liquid

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