Single plastic tunnels

We offer single plastic tunnel, in which You can grow vegetables, flowers, forest nurseries. You can also use these tunnels as trade facilities or warehouses.

Tunnels are proper for every season, growers especially grow spring flowers or chrysanthemum during the autumn. Double, air inflated plastic film covers the roofs, gable ends and sidewalls, this solution ensures high temperature insulation. The cost of the heating is relatively low in our tunnels. Air inflation system contains time controller, 1-phase air pump, sealed pipes and grommets; plastic film is constantly tense and resistant to snow, hail, rain, wind & frost. Optionally we can cover the tunnel with 8,00m or 10,00 mm polycarbonate cell sheets.

The solid structure is made of galvanized steel pipes, profiles, wind braces, bolts with nuts.

Every of our tunnels fits perfectly to the climate conditions in the area.

Basic Specification:

– width: 7m; 8m; 9m; 9,60m; 10m; 12m.
– pillar/ steel pipe is installed every 2,0m in concrete foundation
– sidewall height: 1,30m; 1,80m; 2,20m; 2,50m;
– Roof ventilation or lateral, rolled ventilators.
– Plastic film is fixed with steel and PVC clip

Advantages of plastic tunnels:

– Perfect climate for Your crops all year long
– cheaper than classic greenhouse
– fast assembly time
– good sunlight permeability
– solid and durable structures

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