Seasonal tunnels

Seasonal Agro-Sur SLIM polytunnels are intended for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and nursery production. Often they are not heated in winter, and therefore they are used for early spring crops. Besides they are usually covered with a single layer of plastic and do not have climate automation.

Robust superstructure made of galvanized steel pipes Ø 60.3 mm x 1.5 mm. In the ridge a longitudinal brace connecting arches, and two lateral longitudinal braces. Transverse pipe on each arch at a height of 2.20 m. To fasten the plastic, steel flat (with plastic insert) is used, which additionally serves as longitudinal brace at the extremities of the arches. Cross-bracing between the arches on the first and last fields. All structural elements are made to be screwed by means of screws and connectors.

Anchoring of the tunnel is done by embedding the spans made of pipes Ø 60.3 mm in the holes of Ø 400 mm diameter and a depth of 900 mm filled with C16/20 concrete on a sand bed. Tunnel built on a galvanized steel frame that is not permanently fixed to the ground.

Covering can also be made of PVC panels, and plastic with anti-condensation properties and resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

The parameters of Agro-Sur polytunnels:

-aisle width: 6m; 7m; 8m;
-distance between the poles: 2 m;
-the height of the straight section: 1.30 m; 1.80 m;
-ventillation: upper, along the length of the roof, or side roll up;
-plastic mounted at the bottom with a clip.

Advantages of plastic tunnels:

-rapid installation and coverage with plastic or PVC panels;
-good penetration of natural light;
-durability and versatility of use.

The projects of all tunnels are implemented in accordance with European standards and regulations related to steel structures, recommended by the European Union.

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