Agro-Sur company produces and assembles professional heating systems inside plastic tunnels and greenhouses.

Proposed types of heating systems:

-Heater blowing hot air
-Water heating.

In accordance to the type of crops and greenhouse, our engineers will help to choose and project suitable heating system in client’s greenhouse or tunnel.

Depending on the type of crop, the type of facility and the equipment you need, Agro-Sur specialists will select an optimal solution for you.

How to lower your heating costs?

(excerpt of an article RELEASE DATE: 01.08.2012 AUTHOR: Aleksandra Jóźwicka – How to reasonably manage energy from the portal

Prof. Slawomir Kurpaska, Ph.D.: – “The most important solutions include: increasing the insulation of partitions (foundation, covering of the facility, also with the so-called low-emissivity glass), installation of multi-circuit heating systems (independent heating of the top and lateral side of the building as well as the root zone and area around plants), proper shielding against wind infiltration, installation of insulation screens (on lateral walls and the upper part of the building) and energy efficient (drip) irrigation of plants. The use of a heating system, which enables the best use of the chemical energy of the fuel (high efficiency boilers, supply of hot water to the building through pre-insulated pipes, installation of additional heat exchangers (condensers) in the chimney outlet, appropriate greenhouse automation solutions, buffer tanks installed in heating systems also have an impact on the cost of heating.”

This article is excerpted from issue no. 8/2012 of the „Owoce Warzywa Kwiaty”(“Fruits Vegetables Flowers”) magazine.

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