In 2006, based on the knowledge and experience gained, Agro-Sur started manufacturing Polish greenhouses. The goal we wanted to achieve was to provide the highest quality product, adapted to both the Eastern European climatic conditions, and specific customer requirements. For this purpose, a brand-new production facility was built, and the machinery was equipped with specialized machines for steel working.

As of the first year of production, an order for a several-hectare greenhouse for growing tomatoes, and for a beautiful garden centre within a greenhouse were executed. Thus, the Agro-Sur greenhouses became known both in the national and foreign markets.

Constructional solutions of the Agro-Sur greenhouses are developed and prepared for production by the specialists from the in-house technical department, in line with European standards and Polish climatic conditions. An individual approach to all our projects allows us to tailor each and every design to the specific customer requirements, taking into account such details as a possible change in the production profile, additional facilities, etc.

Types of Agro-Sur greenhouses:

-Venlo greenhouses;
-widespan greenhouses;
-scientific facilities;
-individual projects.

Characteristics of the Agro-Sur greenhouses -Venlo type:

-structure: galvanized steel (trusses, supporting columns, bracings) and aluminium (muntins, gutters, ventilation panels);
-the width of a typical aisle: 8 m and 12 m (canopy every 4 m);
-length: spacing between posts from 4 m or 5 m;
-rainwater drainage: within the poles;
-snow, wind and crops loads – in accordance with EN 13031-1 standard.

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