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AGRO-SUR offers greenhouses intended for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and nursery production, as well as for storage and commercial purposes like garden centers.

The robust structure is assembled from galvanized steel profiles for total protection against corrosion. The cover can be made of PVC panels, single or double layer of plastic with anti-condensation properties and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Between the layers of plastic an adequate air pressure is automatically maintained, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and constant tension of the shell. A very efficient pneumatic insulation ensures top-class energy efficiency confirmed by thermos-visual imaging. This means that these greenhouses require a minimum amount of energy to provide an optimal environment for a given crop. With the double layer of plastic, which is UV-resistant and optionally prevents steam condensation, we guarantee the perfect thermal insulation, allowing you to create non-heated facilities to store planting stock throughout winter. When constructing, we use our experience of many years and numerous proprietary solutions to ensure an extended lifespan of the plastic with optimum light transmittance. Thanks to an airbag maintained on a constant basis by a system of computer-controlled pumps, the pneumatic cover made of double plastic optimizes power consumption and ensures maximum security of the facility in the event of a strong storm, hail or extreme snowfalls and frosts.

An important element of designing this type of greenhouses, in our 20 years of experience, was the gathering of weather data and observing the facilities in different weather conditions with different types of horticultural crops. In addition, we equip our Sur-Pneumatic TM greenhouses with climatic computer software, specially developed in our company, that is based on the optimized operation of all systems and ensures the minimization of energy consumption.

Technical description of a typical BLOCK polytunnel

the width of the aisle (A): 7.0 m, 8.0 m, 9.0 m, 9.60 m, 10.0m
-spacing of arches (B)every 2.0 m. The length of the facility is a multiple of 2.0 m.
-total height of the facility (C): the height is constant for a given width and ranges from 4.80 m to 5.30 m

Structural Elements:

-galvanized steel gutter center pipes Ø 71.0 mm
-External galvanized steel pipes Ø 71.0 mm
-arches made of galvanized steel pipes Ø 60.3 mm
-transversal brace made of galvanized steel pipes Ø35 x 1.5 mm connecting arches and supports
-pipe supports with a diameter of Ø60.3 mm and a length of 2.50m
-reinforcing wind braces made of galvanized steel pipes Ø 35 x 1.5 mm placed between the arch and the transversal brace
-In the ridge a longitudinal brace connecting the arches
-to fasten the plastic, steel flat (with plastic insert) is used, which additionally serves as longitudinal brace at the extremities of the arches
-Cross-bracing between the poles
-all structural elements are made to be screwed by means of screws and connectors


-Spot footing for each support.
-Embedding of supports in the holes of Ø 400 mm in diameter and a depth of 900 mm filled with C16/20 concrete on sand bed

Advantages of Agro-Sur polytunnels

a) resilience
Due to the properly designed structure our tunnels are durable and resistant to any outdoor threats (rain, snow, wind) as well as indoor ones, arising from the overload of crops (tomato, cucumber).

b) compatibility
Tunnels are adapted to install any system to control technological processes of greenhouse crops: i.e. devices for shade and insulation screens, and blackout screens, sliding and fixed tables, growth lights, irrigation systems etc.

c) savings
Plastic tunnel consumes approximately 40% less heat in comparison to a traditional greenhouse. In addition, the cost of its construction is lower in comparison to the cost of building a traditional greenhouse.

d) durability
Due to the plastic with a thickness of 200 μ kept tight on a constant basis, the air-filled plastic tunnel Agro-Sur is resistant to extreme weather conditions like hail, and the plastic with UV filter is multi-seasonal, withstanding the Polish climatic conditions up to 10 years.

e) convenience
Well thought-out solutions based on components from leading European manufacturers on the market enable a rapid installation and coverage with plastic or PVC panels, as the use of automatic control systems ensures perfect climate throughout the year.

f) versatility
Because of a good penetration of natural light, its adaptability for setting up all solutions for crops under shelter, the use of natural insulator and a good ventilation, the Agro-Sur plastic tunnel is a modern device, applicable to all types of crops in horticulture.

The design of all greenhouses is carried out in accordance with European standards and regulations related to steel structures, recommended by the European Union.

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