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We offer plastic greenhouses, in which You can grow vegetables, flowers, forest nurseries. You can also use these greenhouses as trade facilities or warehouses. We cover them with double plastic film, which is inflated by pressurized air; this feature ensures better thermal insulation. Owner of Agro-Sur structure does not need to spend a lot of money for heating, because his/her greenhouse has high energy efficiency class. Air inflation system contains time controller, 3-phase air pumps, sealed pipes and grommets; plastic film is constantly tense and resistant to snow, hail, rain, wind & frost. Optionally we can cover the greenhouse with 8,00m or 10,00 mm polycarbonate cell sheets.

The entire structure of greenhouse is made of galvanized, corrosion resistant steel pipes and profiles.

General description of typical plastic greenhouse:
It contains Spans (modules). The width of each span can be: 8,00m; 9,00m, 9,60m and 12,80m.
The total width of plastic greenhouse depends on multiplicity of spans.
It is possible to build spans with different dimensions (width or length) in one greenhouse.

Length is described with pillars multiplicity. We can assemble pillars every 2,0 or 2,5m.
For instance greenhouse with length of 50,00m with 21 pillars every 2,50 meters or 26 pillars every 2,00 meters. We produce greenhouses from 10,00m to 120,00m or more.

Height of greenhouse is the sum of arch and sidewall. Each span has constant height of arches.
Sidewall (from ground to gutter) is made as tall as the Client demands (from 3,00 to 6,00m)

b) Loads

In accordance with research made in University of technology in Valencia, the maximum loads were calculated as You can see below:

 Outside pillars 2,5 m 2,5 m 2,0 m
 Inside pillars 2,5 m 5,0 m 4,0 m
 Load (crop + snow) 90 kg/m2 71 kg/m2 85 kg/m2
 Wind load 125km/h 125km/h 125km/h

The indicated load values are net values when heating is operating inside the greenhouse.

The advantages of Sur-Pneumatic plastic greenhouse:


Our greenhouses are designed and built properly, so they are resistant to both – outside (snow, rain, wind, frost) and inside factors (crops load – tomato, cucumber)


Greenhouses are adopted to install control panels, climate computers, screening systems, irrigation systems, movable and fixed cultivation tables, lighting, mixing fans, heaters.

-Saving energy and money

Agro-Sur greenhouses consume 40% less energy than traditional glass greenhouses. Further more the energy costs are lower than costs in traditional greenhouse.


We use plastic of 200 µ thickness which is stretched by pressurized air layer, so Agro-Sur’s greenhouse is resistant to weather conditions (wind, snow storms, rain). Plastic film has UV radiation filter, so it’s proper for every season. The lifespan of this plastic film is about 10 years in polish weather conditions.

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