Display tables

Tables proposed by Agro-Sur are created in our in-house design department and take into account all the needs of the horticultural production. While designing them we took into account all phases of the gardening activity from the production through storage to the sale of plants. Therefore, among the tables designed with this message in mind, there are flood and sliding tables, and display tables for shopping and gardening centres, and warehouses. The working pattern and conditions in the greenhouse were also taken into consideration in order to use the cultivation surface in the most efficient way. In addition, the garden tables produced by Agro-Sur were designed using conceptual ergonomics. In our projects, we seriously aim at minimising the human labour, by adapting the product, for example, to the height and arm span reach of its user, as well by making the best use of the materials, in order to optimize the price of our products and their subsequent use.

The materials used to manufacture tables are top-quality, and our welding process is certified by the Welding Institute. Table tops, corners and reinforcements of the base of the table top are made of aluminium profiles, whereas flood surfaces are made of polystyrene profiled by the Danish company StalPlast.

The types of display tables available from Agro-Sur:

-tables on wheels – standard;
-tables without tank;
-top extensions for tables.

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