blackout screens

The purpose of a greenhouse, plastic block or polytunnel is to provide the necessary conditions for an all-year-round crop production. Factors influencing the growth of plants such as temperature, light, humidity and air composition must be managed in an optimal manner, ensuring the minimization of investment and operating costs.

One of the solutions having a major impact on these factors could be shade and insulation screens, and blackout screens. Improvement of the insulation of the fabrics is achieved by gluing or weaving aluminum strips into the fabric. At the same time, the higher the insulation, the better the shading, therefore our fabrics are optimized for a given crop. For example, for the cultivation of tomatoes or cucumbers we recommend a fabric with minimal shading, high permeability and a substantial thermal effect.

Growing flowers and green plants has its unique character, as the case of chrysanthemum or poinsettia may be, therefore blackout screens shall be used in their cultivation as they shorten the day and enable to control the growth and coloration of the flowers or leaves. At the same time, shade and insulation screens should also be used, so that the crop can be protected during the day from excessive sunlight, and to reduce the heat loss during the night. Fabrics manufacturers follow these guidelines while producing suitable types of screens, knowing what weather conditions should be provided for the crops. Our experience enables us to give professional advice and a long-term cooperation with leading fabrics manufacturers to provide top-quality products.

AGRO-SUR offers materials from renowned companies such as Bonar TF, Ludvig Svensson and Novavert with shading, insulation and blackout parameters. For mounting systems, we use the components made by Ridder, De Gier, Somfy.

Let’s focus on the technical side, responsible for the three most important parameters besides climatic factors: the correct functioning of the installation, the longevity of the installation and its cost. To effectively set up the screen system, it is necessary to take into consideration the layout and arrangement of all the devices, cables, fans, heating, irrigation, etc. If the facility is in the design phase, it can be done at this stage, however, if the structure has already been built then you need to adjust the system of screens to the facility and therefore calibrate the drive.

The most important element in the functioning of an installation is the drive engine. There are the following drive systems:

-wire system – (the towing element is made of stainless steel or galvanized steel wire wound on the shaft)
-push – pull system (the towing element consists of a steel pipe driven by steel wire wound on the shaft)
-push-pull rack-and-pinion system (the towing element is a steel pipe driven by a gear rack).
-Rolling systems (the driving element is the gearmotor, with a mounted aluminum or galvanized pipe, on which either the fabric or the foil is wound).

Agro -Sur specializes in installing screens in atypical facilities, and has developed its own rack and pinion drive for polytunnels. For garden centers, we offer decorative and utility screens, the purpose of which is to reduce the exposure to light, and also to enhance the aesthetics of the facility. Screens can be set up horizontally, vertically, trapezoidally and on roof slopes.

The use of good quality materials, along with high qualified employees and professional assistance in choosing optimal customized solutions, contribute to the fact that our screens are appreciated among horticultural holdings. To fully satisfy our customers, we strive to maintain a wide range of fabrics available as well as to provide expert and meaningful advice. We constantly aim at meeting the growing needs of our customers. We treat difficult orders as challenges, and we deliver them with great dedication.

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