By cooperating for many years with the European leaders in the field of products based on digital electronics and industrial IT, AGRO-SUR has gained extensive experience in the scope of automation of the gardening equipment control processes, and of the climate under shelter. The AGRO-SUR controllers are easy to use, operate in accordance with the previously set target, and provide the ability to control the parameters and adjust the settings, thus remaining perfectly adapted to the needs of the users.

In addition to standard controllers, AGRO-SUR also offers unique solutions for devices with parameters tailored to individual customer needs, based on a wide range of industrial controllers, from simple electronic circuits to processor and PLC drivers. We have our own algorithms for the crops assistance processes, among which there is the process of controlling the pneumatics in Sur-Pneumatic TM greenhouses by using data from the weather station and transforming them to optimize energy consumption in a greenhouse and minimize it, depending on the climate zone and the type of crops, by controlling the thickness of the airbag and roof ventilation or heating and the system of insulation screens.

We also offer a wide range of Anjou and INTA controllers. For products of these brands we provide installation, warranty and post-warranty services:


A wide range of controllers:

-POLYCLIM 2000 for the handling of devices for the plastic tunnel with double vents,
-POLYCLIM 2200 for the handling of devices for the tunnel upper vent, shade net,
-MONOCLIM NG, one function controller: ventilation or screens, or three-way valve,
-POLYCLIM handles multiple devices in several climates, data archiving, transmission to a PC, max. number of all outputs:12,
-ECost-efficient, popular controller
-MAXICLIM NG support for multiple devices in multiple climates (3), like POLYCLIM max. total number of outputs: 24
-MASTERCLIM large graphic display support for multiple devices in multiple climates (12) for each climate up to 24 control outputs

Controllers read the data from the weather station equipped with a wind speed, wind direction, sunlight, rainfall, amount of precipitation, outside temperature sensors.

Controllers read the data from the following indoor sensors: indoor temperature, relative humidity RH, CO2 concentration, substrate temperature, heating system temperature,

Controllers via built-in algorithms trigger the data on the production support device by analysing all the data.


Products of a Spanish company – proven drivers

-CLIMA 16 – support for multiple devices in multiple climates (2) Maximum number of outputs: 16
-INTA CDC – support for multiple devices in multiple climates max number of control outputs -16 for one climate
-EVO-support for multiple devices connected by CAN network

Controllers read the data from the weather station equipped with industrial sensors for wind speed, wind direction, temperature, sunlight, rainfall, quantity parameters.

By analysing the data from internal sensors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 saturation, heating system temperature, the controllers oversee the work of actuators.

INTA controllers are among the very few ones that adjust the size of the airbag in relation to the temperature and wind force.

-SYSCLIMA software for previewing / editing climatic conditions in the facility, full archiving of data, ETH transmission.
-alarm, sms


Simple cost-efficient controller manufactured by our company

-The controller to operate the unilateral vents, shade nets, pumps for plastic, max number of control outputs -8
-Effective cooperation with the weather station, wind direction, wind speed, sunshine, rainfall, outside temperature.
-Indoor sensors – temperature, humidity, heating system temperature

Cheap controller created to enable the use of equipment in blocks, both in a reliable and easy way.

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