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During the years of our activity we gained the opinion as one of the main technology and equipment provider for intense gardening under the screens.

Pleased customers can prove it, but it is not the only one proof for this statement - we received plenty certificates and commendations.

In 2002 we received ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Certification in two categories: good services and products quality.

Emblem “European standard 2007” was given to us by Media Partner Group. This emblem confirms high quality of our products and compatibility with European standards, regulations and law.

We also have many commendations from Polish gardening shows, meetings and foreign organizations.

Agro-Sur is our trademark registered in database of Polish Patents Department.


our mission

OUR MISSION IS LOWER CO2 EMISSION We want to decrease power consumption during our projects are under construction and years later.

It causes less CO2 emission to the atmosphere and improves environment protection. Our plastic greenhouses have high energy efficiency standard. We developed new type of plastic greenhouse with new software for automation which optimizes crop growth with less power consumption. Double plastic film technology provides 60% better thermal insulation, so the heating inside the greenhouse does not have to be turned on as frequent as in older glass greenhouses. There is pressurized air layer between two plastic films. We have extensive experience in blackout curtains which support energy management in AGRO-SUR greenhouses. We can also supply the greenhouses in SparTube fluorescent or LED lamps. As Agro-Sur Company, We want to support our Clients in the best way we can, using high quality equipment and providing professional service. By choosing our company, You can be sure that your greenhouse will save energy and your money, it won’t pollute the environment and will be made of high resistant materials such as galvanized steel with fireproof coating or tempered glass.


our history

Business team AGRO-SUR has been gaining experience in the domestic and foreign markets since the early nineties.

Intensive development of the company over the years, accompanied by a permanent extension of the offer and ever more extensive cooperation with leading suppliers of solutions for the horticultural sector in the EU, still results in the best quality of goods and services, professional and comprehensive customer service.

Agro-Sur offers a full range of own designed products, made in the company and installed at the customer's place or offered for self-installation.

We offer:
1. System of insulation and blackout screens
2. Plastic Greenhouses with double plastic film
3. Venlo greenhouses and greenhouses with wide bays
4. Plastic tunnels
5. Climate control systems in the greenhouse
6. Sliding or fixed cultivation tables
7. Irrigation systems
8. Watering and sprinkling booms
9. Heating systems
10. Garden centers
** Products bearing the name of Agro-Sur's trademark with the prefix Sur-signals our own design based on our invention and production at least in 50% with the use of more than twenty years of experience in the horticultural industry **

In 2000, our products have been registered in the database of the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Poznan and the Data Bank of plant and machinery for agriculture and forestry under the name "System of process control of greenhouse's crops AGRO-SUR". Registered products include curtain system, drivers of climate, flood tables and equipment for the assimilation of plants.

To meet market demands, we applied and received the 2002 Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001-2000. This certification is the best confirmation of the introduction to the optimal management system quality policy and that we can successfully compete in the European markets.