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Free-standing all-year-round tunnels

AGRO-SUR offers free-standing tunnels intended for the extensive cultivation of vegetables, flowers and nursery production, as well as for storage and commercial purposes such as garden centers.

The all-year-round tunnels are used especially in the farms producing flowers for bedding displays - in the spring, and chrysanthemums - in the autumn. They are covered with an inflatable double layer of plastic, after the inflation of which high insulation is achieved, which directly affects the cost of heating, and therefore the cost of the production.

The robust structure is assembled from galvanized steel profiles for total protection against corrosion. The covering can be made of PVC panels, single or double layer of plastic with anti-condensation properties and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Between the layers of plastic an adequate air pressure is automatically maintained, ensuring an excellent thermal insulation and a constant tension of the shell. A very efficient pneumatic insulation ensures top-class energy efficiency confirmed by thermo-visual imaging. This means that the greenhouses of this type require a minimum amount of energy to provide an optimal environment for a given crop. With a double layer of plastic, which is UV-resistant and optionally prevents steam condensation, we guarantee the perfect thermal insulation, allowing you to create non-heated facilities to store planting stock throughout winter. When constructing, we use our experience of many years and numerous proprietary solutions to ensure an extended lifespan of the plastic with optimum light transmittance. Because of an airbag maintained on a constant basis by a system of computer-controlled pumps, the pneumatic cover made of double plastic optimizes power consumption and ensures maximum security of the facility in the event of a strong storm, hail or extreme snowfalls and frosts.

An important element of designing this type of greenhouses was to gather weather data for over 20 years of our work, and observe facilities in different weather conditions with different types of horticultural crops. In addition, we equip our Sur-Pneumatic TM greenhouses with climatic computer software, specially developed in our company, which is based on the optimized functionning of all systems and ensures that the energy consumption is minimized.

The parameters of Agro-Sur polytunnels:

  • aisle width: 7 m; 8 m; 9 m; 9.60 m; 10 m; 12 m;
  • distance between the poles: 2 m;
  • height of the straight section: 1.30 m; 1.80m; 2.20 m; 2.50 m;
  • ventillation: upper, along the length of the roof, or side roll up;
  • film mounted at the bottom with a clip.

Advantages of plastic tunnels:

  • perfect climate throughout the year as a result of the use of automatic control systems for devices used in the greenhouse;
  • lower construction cost in comparison to the cost of building a glass greenhouse;
  • rapid installation and coverage with plastic or PVC panels;
  • good penetration of natural light;
  • durability and versatility of use.

The projects of all tunnels are implemented in accordance with European standards and regulations related to steel structures, recommended by the European Union.

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