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Glass greenhouse garden centres

Agro-Sur develops customized, original projects of garden centers adapted to Polish climatic conditions. Garden centers are mainly structured around a steel frame with a mesh roof truss. The frame of enclosure walls is made of an aluminium structure filled with double greenhouse glass or insulating glass, and the roof frame is based on an aluminium construction. All elements of the steel structure are protected with an anti-corrosion and flame-retardant coating.

We are particularly proud of the implementation of the following two projects: the Garden of Dreams in Swarzedz and Daglezja in Zawiercie. The facility in Swarzedz deserves special attention because of an interesting combination of various technologies and materials. To construct it we used materials such as roof sandwich panels, cellular polycarbonate and tempered glass. What is important, AGRO-SUR also offers cheaper solutions based on the structure of plastic blocks covered with PVC or sandwich panels and complete equipment for these facilities such as flood and display tables, screens, heating or automation.

Our strengths::

  • top quality;
  • competitive price;
  • facilities adapted to Polish climatic conditions and formal requirements
  • comprehensive turnkey solutions.

The concept of "turnkey" means designing the facility strictly in accordance with customer requirements, adapting the structure to their expectations, land development conditions, location and financial potential as well as manufacturing and assembling it in the location chosen by the investor. The investor decides on the shape of the facade or solutions in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the facility. Nevertheless, for several years, trends related to the technical solutions for the structure itself have been identified. Arched trusses are definitely one of them, as they are more visually appealing and add splendour to the facilities. Another distinct trend is building powder-coated facilities, due to their durability and aesthetics. The materials used comprise predominantly galvanized steel, tempered and laminated glass, polycarbonate panels. All facilities designed and executed by Agro-Sur can be equipped with a roof aeration system implemented by using electric gearmotors and a unit of racks.

Agro-Sur places great emphasis on fire safety of the implemented facilities by covering them with fire-resistant coating, which meets all the fire safety requirements, in accordance with Polish and European standards.

Many years of experience gained by Agro-Sur through implementation of non-standard orders and an extensive reference list are a guarantee of the highest quality and satisfaction from exploitation. After-sales service enables continuous service, as well as the expansion and diversion of purpose of the facility.

AgroSur has already created many different types of garden centers in Poland and abroad, which can be viewed in the photo gallery, and visited on-site.

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