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Agro-Sur builds individual and customized projects of garden centers SUR-GARDENICTM, which are adopted to Polish and European climate conditions. Garden center’s construction is based on steel frame with trusses. The side-wall frame is made of aluminum construction glazed by double greenhouse glass or sandwich panel. All steel parts of construction are protected by anticorrosion and fireproof coating. Completion, which we are proud of is the project “Garden of dreams” for Mr. Andrzej Brylak from Swarzędz City in Poland. Why is it unique? This building contains the combination of modern technologies and materials. There are roof sandwich panels, cellular polycarbonate sheets and tempered glass used to assemble this construction. Moreover that’s important, that Agro-Sur company can provide cheaper structured based on plastic greenhouses with PCV sheets or sandwich panels. Agro-Sur can also supply the plastic greenhouses with automation and electrical installation, shading screens, heating and exhibition tables.

Advantages of our centers:

  • High quality
  • Good price
  • We take complete projects from beginning to fully accomplished trade facilities

Agro-Sur offers comprehensive services including projecting, building and organizing garden centers or other buildings for agriculture and gardening. We want to adjust the construction to customer’s requirements, building and weather conditions, location and financial capabilities.

When the investment is confirmed, we design and produce it at our seat in Rogoźnik City, Poland. Then we transport all parts and assemble it at customer’s place. Design of the centre depends widely on customer’s taste, but technical features are developed by our engineers. We can make garden center of any size! Centers with area of 500 square meters or more are not a big challenge for us.

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