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Our company developed universal plastic greenhouse with high performance double plastic film pneumatic insulation. This technology has the highest energy efficiency class, which is confirmed by thermograph tests. That means that power consumption needed to keep optimal climate conditions inside the greenhouse is decreased to minimum. With Sur-Pneumatic double plastic film technology it is possible to build greenhouse without heating. Double pneumatic plastic films are resistant to UV radiation and neutralize steam condensation (with Anti-Drip & Anti-Fog technology). Our greenhouses have long operating lifetime and their main advantage is an optimal light transmission (about 90%). There is pressurized air layer between two plastic films, which is inflated by air pump. The pump is always connected to the climate computer, which selects the proper setting for the pump. Pressurized air increases resistance of the greenhouse and its covering.

For better vegetables and flowers cultivation Agro-Sur supplies the complete greenhouse with automation system, electricity wires and electric devices. The automation system consists of shading screens, watering booms and heating; everything is dedicated and capable with Sur-PneumaticTM structure. We put our hearts in designing and building greenhouses with our extensive experience with plastic greenhouses – we have built this kind of structures for over 15 years.

Our programmers, developers and automation specialists developed newest driver for automation and climate computers, which allows to optimize work of all systems inside the greenhouse.

Sur Pneumatic Alfa - structure based on standard, plastic tunnel, but equipped with double plastic films Sur-Pneumatic. There are no gutters built in this structure. Alfa greenhouses are not adapted to match them into multispan structures. In case we group them, we call this kind of structure “blocked plastic tunnels” with gutters and coupling clamps.

Sur-Pneumatic Multi – it is plastic greenhouse with multi-span structure and huge area for cropping. This type of Sur-Pneumatic greenhouse is adapted to add spans to another span of the same type. We can build greenhouse with more than 15 spans - each 9,6m wide and over 100 meters long – that gives cultivation area over 1 ha in one greenhouse.

Sur-Pneumatic multispan structure is based on spans, which are the basic unit in the whole structure.

a) constant parameters:

Each span is 8,0 m; 9,0 m; or 9,6m wide. The width of complete plastic greenhouse depends on multiplicity of all spans. We can group spans of different size in one multispan greenhouse.

Length of span is defined by spacing of side wall pillars.
Distance between pillars:

Sidewall pillars 2,5 m 2,5 m 2,0 m
Internal pillars 2,5 m 5,0 m 4,0 m

Total height of the greenhouse is defined by the sum of pillar height (under gutter) and arch height (from gutters to ridge). The pillar height is variable and could be from 3,5m to 5m. Height from gutters to the ridge is constant and depends on width of span.

span width 9,6 m 9,0 m 8,0 m
Height above gutter 2,64 m 2,59 m 2,44 m

b) SUR-PNEUMATIC™ Load parameters

Research made by Valencia University of Technology showed, that maximum load for described structure according to distance between the pillars is:

Outside pillars 2,5 m 2,5 m 2,0 m
Inside pillars 2,5 m 5,0 m 4,0 m
Load (snow plus crops) 90 kg/m2 71 kg/m2 85 kg/m2
Wind load 125km/h 125km/h 125km/h

These are net values when the heating is turned on. This values are calculated according to annex E, table E-4 of standard EN 13031-1-2001.

The advantages of Sur-Pneumatic plastic greenhouse:

a) Resistance
Our greenhouses are designed and built properly, so they are resistant to both – outside (snow, rain, wind, frost, hail) and inside factors (crops load – tomato, cucumber)

b) Compatibility
Greenhouses are adopted to install control panels and devices for shading and screening, irrigation systems, movable and fixed tables, lightning

c) Saving energy and money
Cieplarnia Sur-Pneumatic TM zużywa około 40% energii cieplnej mniej w stosunku do tradycyjnych szklarni. Ponadto koszt budowy jest niższy w stosunku do kosztów budowy szklarni.

d) trwałość
Sur-Pneumatic™ greenhouses consume 40% less energy than traditional greenhouses. Further more the build cost is less than cost of traditional greenhouse

e) Durability
We use plastic of 200 µ thickness which is stretched by pressurized air layer, so Agro-Sur’s greenhouse is resistant to weather conditions (hail, wind, snow storms, rain). Plastic film has UV radiation filter, so it’s proper for every season. The lifespan of this plastic film is about 10 years in polish weather conditions

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