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Screens and Screen systems

You have 4 main reasons to invest your money and install shading screens: they save energy, provide shade optimal for plants, reduce sunlight radiation (known as blackout or shortening of the day), they are necessary to avoid “light pollution” effect. All these features have good influence on energy consumption inside the greenhouse. Shading screens allow to save energy because of less ventilations, fans and other cooling devices usage. Thermal insulation curtains have to be supplied with seal fabric ISOTEX, blackout screens may have this seals, but only for design purposes. It’s very important to use insulation with seals to hold all cool air above the screens. Colder air under the screens may result with water condensation on the walls, which may cause some plant disease. That’s why the best supplement for screens system is ventilation set for better air circulation and mixing.

If you want to install screening system inside the greenhouse, you should fix all wires, lamps, heating pipes and other devices in the way to not make unnecessary obstacles for screens.

Screen system usually needs free space under the gutters - about 20 centimeters. Sometimes the constructor doesn’t even know that owner is going to install screen in the future. It’s a challenge to install screen system inside an uncompatible greenhouse, especially when it stands on slope terrain or with irregular shapes of construction. Sometimes no free space for screens means cutting the pillars to raise the greenhouse. It’s possible to install screens system everywhere, but sometimes it’s a little bit more expensive than in Agro-Sur’s standard greenhouses. We advise to design new greenhouse to adopt for eventual work with one or two horizontal screens, that doesn’t cost much and helps.

We have several screen types in our offer:

  • Sur-Energic Dark - blackout screen
  • Sur-Energic Shadow – shading and thermal insulation screen
  • Sur-Energic Eco – insulation screen made of plastic and vertical bulkheads to make smaller spaces inside the greenhouse.

Horizontal screens
We provide horizontal screens in few variants to increase energy efficiency, optimize climate conditions and full blackout inside the greenhouse. One, two or three level screens are driven by “push and pull” steel wires system or by rack pinion.

Our screens are suitable for plastic tunnels, glass and plastic greenhouses. We meet every customer’s requirements. The screens we offer are made of high quality fabrics and are provided with equipment from the best providers from all over the Europe.

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